Monday, April 06, 2015

What about the winners?

There are people out there that say they have cured, slowed down, and/or reversed some of their ALS.  So, time to have a look.

Kim Cherry tells his story of how he reversed his ALS.  He had/has the bulbar ALS.  This is where he says his first break in the disease came,

Doctor Jared Nielsen specializes in neurological issues, and had really helped a niece’s husband after a severe head injury. Doctor Nielsen determined I had a gluten sensitivity, mercury poisoning, and some issues with fungus. He recommended a protocol that included a gluten free diet, and supplements.  Much of the protocol included in the theories of Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist out of Florida.
He did not immediately notice a benefit, but was noticing improvements roughly 6 weeks later.

I looked at the site further and found a checklist of where to start,

Then there is the supplement list.  Kim Cherry's story is worth following and learning about.

Then there is Eric Edney who developed the simple strategy of where Cherry started:

Step1:  Stop the progression of the disease by eliminating toxins and clearing toxins from the body, and
Step 2: Restore the body through proper nutrition and exercise.

Eric's plan is here.

Cherry feels that he got better results with his program which also included oxygen therapy.  The oxygen therapy is something I am not familiar with.  Cherry believed in the therapy enough to invest $25k in it.  His results are impressive.

I love this guy's story,

And there there is Steven Shackel and he has been putting together information for years.

And then Dr Craig Oster graduated from hospice in 2008 and he's been rebuilding muscle and strength.  He has an incredible team of advisers on his site.

Others are listed in the healing chronicles.

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