Sunday, April 12, 2015

Diet Books for ALS

Terry Wahls reversed her MS through diet and she adapted her diet especially for mitochondria, which are implicated all over the place in ALS, so the Wahl's Protocol is a good dietary plan to follow.  The quick and fast start is watch her Ted Talk, "Minding your mitochondria," as she outlines the essentials of her diet plan.

Kim Cherry recommended "The Better Brain book" and if you check out his story, he's done incredibly well in his battle with this disease and seems to have reversed the degree the disease had progressed.

Gut issues keep showing up so "Meals that Heal," give great recipes to help fix gut issues, and "Grain brain" is also going to help fix gut and brain issues.

Familiarize yourself with excitotoxins and eliminate them.  They are doing 100 times more damage to an injured brain than a healthy one.  My previous two posts have information on excitotoxins.  With an injured brain excitotoxins are able to cross the blood brain barrier easier because these body defenses are damaged.

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hellspawn_dg said...

Hi, you wrote me on the ALSTDI forum website, saying you'd like to know more about me.

Well, I'm a 32 year old Swedish freelance writer on the topics of ethnobotanical medicine, entheogens, neurological disease and health food. Since last year I am documenting a group of ALS patients from around the world using ayahuasca medicinal plants for treatment of their condition.

Who are you, and what's your connection to ALS? I've read a few posts on your blog and I do agree a lot on the inflammatory/excitotoxic angle concerning neurodegenerative diseases. While many ALS patients and caregivers are aware of these diet connections, it troubles me greatly that I still encounter many people with ALS (or their familymembers/caregivers) who have little or no knowledge about the many known facts regarding things like diet and autoimmune disease.

Best regards