Sunday, October 16, 2016

ALS testing guide to finding and treating problems

Extremely valuable time is lost waiting for a medical system that fails to test and treat problems that can be found in the body early.  Even more valuable time is lost to the uncertainty about what to do.

The more time that is wasted, the further the body gets out of balance.  At the very least, get started on the first two tests.

Methylation - this test is ordered online and is a genetic spit test.  It takes about a month to get your results, but then you can feed your results in a number of different sites that give you information about your genetics.  Absent GSTM1 results in impaired ability to eliminate mercury, but I do not think it can be found here.  Methylation is important and can be supported.  Your genetic reports may help to point at other problems.  You take your 23andme results and upload them to these sites to get reports:

  • - there is a small fee to use their site, but once you upload your data from 23 and me, there is lots of information about health problems associated with your genes.
  • - this site will give you valuable information about your methylation pathways.  This is about how your body detoxifies.
  • - This is Dr Yasko's program and her program is complicated, however, working to follow it teaches you about methylation and where your body has methylation problems, and supplement recommendations.  There is also a forum to ask questions about the program.
Gut dysbiosis
There are a few options.  
  1. Ubiome is the most cost effective, however, it may be a lot of work to try and figure out what to do with their information,  From their site:

    What kind of results will I get?
    After your sample has been analyzed, you get to be an explorer and learn about the vast rainforest of bacteria in your body. Logging in to, you'll see detailed information on each of these bacteria - what their names are, how many of each kind there are, what their functions are in the body. 
    You may find yourself curious to compare your results with the aggregate results of everyone who's done the test, and with specific groups of people. Say you want to look at how your microbiome compares to vegans, or smokers, or people on antibiotics. You can do that!
    It’s important to be aware that uBiome is designed to be a tool for personal research, NOT a diagnostic tool. You won't find any predictions about your future health. And your results will not diagnose any medical condition.
  2. GI Effects is more expense, but it does give a good break down for gut issues,  It does come with some recommendations for how to correct, and that can be a start, but it helps you to know what problems you may have and generally you can work on these problems. You may be missing enzymes to go from one product to another, so the recommendations may not be fixing that problem.
  3. Great Plains Organic acids test,  This test gives a good report and some recommendations.  It also measures for some neurotoxins from yeast and bacterial overgrowths.
Here is a fantastic interview that connects liver, bile, dysbiosis and methylation,

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