Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Look after your spirit to promote healing

Stress and anxiety redirect the body's focus to the fight for flight response.  This is taking blood flow, and its healing and restorative power, away from mending the body.  It is also releases the stress hormones, which over time are damaging, and even more damaging when the body needs healing.

So, emotional hygiene is important.  Guy winch has a great Ted Talk on looking after your emotional hygiene. This doesn't so much teach you how to look after it, but show how it can affect us.

Then there are a ton resources out there.  The latest one I've seen is Reiki, which I am going to learn about, as it came with a recommendation from a highly trusted friend.  She's always led me to a better path.

Philosopher's notes are audio summaries by Brian Johnson the greatest wellness and success books ever written.  He goes back to Tao something like 1000 years ago, to modern day writers, like Martin Seligman.  The ones you purchase are about 20-25 minute summaries of books, but he also has one hundred 3 minute summaries which can give quick bites of positive living.  I purchase the longer summaries and I haven't purchased any book yet, but the summaries certainly help you to figure out which books you'd like to spend more time with.

And then there is Hay House.  Louise Hay is huge on how to protect your thoughts and improve the quality of your life.  I attended a Hay House conference in Denver about a year ago, after listening to a series in 2014 called "Start the new you."  They put together a complete package on wellness - mind, body, spirit - although not all of it fits everyone's beliefs or comfort zone, so you just take what you need from it.  I really like Kris Carr and I think she is a good one for anyone dealing with disease.  She was diagnosed 10 years ago with a rare stage 4 cancer and she has great advice on how to manage illness positively, and since her cancer didn't have a treatment, food has been her medicine.

And then I'm always looking and just found "The Science of Happiness," which I will be reviewing.

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