Sunday, January 20, 2008

Updated Links

The left sidebar of my blog has several frames, starting with who I am, then there are three posts that I consider of my best quality, then in my archive of posts. The "What I've been reading are news, blogs and items that I found interesting that I've added to my blog through Google Reader. I just click "share," and it shows up in this frame.

I updated my links today, starting with Mish's blog. I think he is one of the best economists that I read daily. The market is going through some serious problems and if you want to improve your understanding of what those problems are and how we got them, spend a few hours going through Mish's blog.

Safehaven has a series of writers appear on it. Some are exceptional, a few make no sense to me and there are some counter views on important topics.

Bespoken gives nice little summaries about various items around the market.

Calculated Risk looks quite a bit at the housing market and bond insurers for mortgages. It gives a lot of insight into the housing problem.

Economic Briefings gives short headlines and summaries of daily economic events.

Nouriel Roubini is an economist that has been warning of a hard recession well in advance, brought on by the mortgage crisis.

Market Ticker is one of my newer finds for me. I liked the few posts I read so I decided to include it.

Infomine gives all the information you'd ever need on commodities. They mirror my commodity posts, which have been few and far between lately. I have been distracted by the US housing crisis and economic unwinding because of it.

Stockhouse is a good source of stock information and you can create a portfolio of stocks of interest to yourself.

The Kirk Report was one of the first good blogs I found. I like the Kirk Report because this guy gives good advice on preserving capital and looking after your portfolio. If you follow his blog at all he's been saying his is mostly patiently watching the market since around last October.

Dollar Daze has quite a bit about devaluation of the dollar and commodities.

Seeking Alpha has a wide range of good contributors.

Pencil's blog is written by a high school student. I think he is around 16 or 17 now. I just find him an amazing young man.

Motley Fool Caps Game is a stock game predominately for US stocks.

Kitco Base Metals gives commodity prices and there are links for gold and silver prices.

After my links I have my page visit counter. When I am writing regularly I seem to get 100-200 visits per day and while I've been quiet it has declined to 30-40 visits per day.

Next I have a whole bunch of thumb commodity price graphs.

After I have labels. I don't think I use the labels all that well.

And finally, at the very bottom I have a US debt widget. The US federal debt is about $9.2 trillion right now.

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