Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Insiders

Joe_5000 asked an excellent question that is worthy of a post.

Where do you get insider trading data?

Go to and choose English from the home page.

On the Welcome page on the top right corner click "Access Public Filings."

From the public filings page on the left side click the yellow menu item "view summary reports."

From the summary reports page click the radial dial button titled "Insider transaction detail."

The Insider transaction detail page has the most to do on it. From the "Identify insider or issuer" menu select "Issuer Name" and type in at least the first word of the company name. From the "Identify Date Range" select "Date of Filing," and fill in the date range you would like to see. Select all on all 4 buttons to see everything. Then select search.

If more than one company starts with the name search criteria you gave they will all show up on the next page. Select the company you are interested it. You can see their holdings, if they cashed in warrants or options.

Yahoo gives insider information for American companies, but has no data on Canadian companies.

Check it out.


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

NonyMous said...

Also thought I'd share a also shows insider trasactions and the site is much easier to navigate than SEDI.

Deborah said...

Yes NonyMous, I've used that site, but I have not figured out how to get more than the last 10 transactions out of it. If that is all you are interested in, that is the place to look.