Sunday, September 28, 2008

Election confusion

This is one election that I am not looking forward to, indeed, I doubt it makes any difference as there isn't a true leader out there. There are the tax cut and the spending promises, but I have news for you, there isn't more money to spend and thanks to Harper's narrow view Canada's got its first deficit in what, 10 years? When the year is up expect it to be in the range of $6 billion.

So Layton is promising a bigger child tax credit, to $400 per month. Layton obvious can't add or subtract either. Giving the parent the money to spend now that has to be borrowed is a really lousy idea and ensures those children will only know really high taxes for their lives.

I am not against supporting children, but not with tax money that isn't there. Additionally, you get a huge increase in the birth rate with something like this so it way more expensive then anticipated, and you can end up with people having kids for the wrong reasons. In Britain the teenage pregnancy rate is through the roof. A teenage without much education's best prospects is to have a baby.

Who is going to balance the budget? Right now cuts are required, not spending and I haven't seen a thing that gives me confidence that our next leader won't take us down the kind of path the Bush has taken the Americans, spending money you don't and making the children pay it back.

And we haven't seen any news what-so-ever on our Canada Pension Fund, which is invested in this dire market. It was $120 billion. Any bets that it is worth $90 billion now?

Children haters.

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