Friday, July 25, 2008

Harper - Trudeau the second

Harper's a moron. He is destroying all of Canadian's hard work and saying no to unaffordable spending to make Canada a strong country.

Thanks to a moron named Trudeau I entered adulthood in an environment of high taxes and a sluggish economy for years to pay for his excesses.

Harper is screwing young people today as much as Trudeau screwed my generation.

Congratulations Harper, you managed to undo 24 years of Canadian pride in controlling our deficit in record speed. The deficit is massive. You had no business reducing taxes we were all used to paying and mortgaging the next generation's future. Trudeau screwed my generation over royally. We've spent our lives paying the taxes that weren't paid in the 70s.

This is an exert from an unanswered letter to this moron that I wrote at the beginning of October last year. Unfortunately these morons do things and the time it takes for their gross incompetence to show up, well, usually it is the next guy being blamed, much like Mulroney is unrecognized for what he did for Canada in working to clean up Trudeau's mess.

I read the linked article, , where it implies that you have indicated there will be a round of tax cuts and I became grossly concerned.

We have come so far in Canada and I have always felt that Brian Mulroney was our greatest Prime Minister for setting the stage so that there would one day be surplus budgets again. This is his victory, not yours and to reduce taxes would be to undo that which is once again liberating Canadians from debt.

We have an aging population and if anything, we need to further reduce spending. We have a tax system that has indoctrinated into a beliefs a system of draconian policy that takes away from youth and gives to age. It has resulted in gross division of wealth.

It is already a hard economy and Harper is ensuring that those coming of age will have a much harder time.

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