Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flush Tax Money Down the Toilet

First, my last post is incredibly long, but it is one worth reading and studying, imho. There simply are too many faulty and disasterous beliefs around low interest debt and too much looking at it from a perspective that is so narrow, well, collectively society will be paying for this blatant ignorance most likely for the next generation. I think it is worthwhile to understand how the "experts" were so shallow in their understanding of how low interest debt plays out from a micro-household perspective.

Today in the news is a story advocating Ottawa spend another billion stuffing language policy down our throats.

I admire people who speak more than one language and I think it is important, but this kind of crap is a gross mis-allocation of tax payer resources. What ought to be driving language is personal beliefs around it, plain and simple. Learning language should be because you believe in it and paying government wages to government workers to go to school for 6 months or a year to learn a second language is a gross negligence of managing tax payers' money.

I went to school for self-improvement and I paid for it both through lost opportunity of wages and tuition. This BS is paying government workers full salary and don't even factor in the pension benefits because they were "working." There are enough people who value this and take it upon themselves to educate themselves this way. Hire those people instead.

I speak on this issue with thinking about a dear friend who has instead of going to her job gone to language school at full pay. This isn't anything against my friend, but this is a grossly wrong way to be using our tax dollars.

There are a hell of a lot of young people who have taken language immersion programs their whole lives and devoted enormous other personal resources for this kind of training, have huge student loans, and we flush our tax payer dollars down the toilet instead of giving these people a chance?

In Mexico people want their children to learn as many languages as possible. They don't spend tax payer money promoting it. It is driven by culture and values and that's the way it ought to be here.

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