Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"White Collar" crime in China

You know how they warn against taking or doing drugs of any kind in foreign countries because of harsh penalties...

Well, a story about the consequences of what we would call white collar crime, accepting bribes, really got my attention today.

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twelvethoughts said...

The WSJ has an interesting commentary about the Chinese lack of concern for others well-being. I guess well-publicized executions are one way to start to try change people's attitudes.

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A political system without popular elections or an effective system of checks and balances has helped create a culture in which the Chinese are not accountable to each other. William McCahill, a 25-year Foreign Service veteran who is now managing partner of JL McGregor and Company, a China-focused research and advisory group, explains: "There is no sense of social solidarity that would tell you: I put this stuff in and maybe children are going to die."