Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Product Review: ASUS Z240IC

Do not buy ASUS computers.

I am 2 for 2 with have almost brand new expensive computers from ASUS just dying.  It resulted in losing everything on my computer and being six weeks without it.  They made zero effort to save my hard drive and did not attempt to return it to me.  Their utterly shoddy products wiped out so much of my work researching ALS.  I am beyond overwhelmed with life events without such shoddy products and service.  I am completely starting over with setting up a computer, only this time I don't have the computer I was using as a guide because they wiped my computer completely clean.

It was $150 to ship it to them as it is an all in one desktop by courier as they recommended.  They lack local services of any kind to have your computer serviced locally, even in big cities with 2 million people.

Both of these computers dying, denied me my property for a long time.

Pre-service information is terrible.  They told me it needed to be shipped for service, but I wanted check the power adapter and I told them I was taking it to a shop.  That would have been the time to inform that if there was any hope of hard drive recovery, I needed to address that at the same time.  The shop could not check the power supply.  It sat there for a couple days while I was up to figuring out how to pack it up for shipping and I call them back for the shipping instructions, which they told me to do after I checked the adapter.  Now they tell me that if I want to try and save my hard drive that I void the warranty unless it is looked at by a certified computer person.  WTF, it is now a week since it died, I finally figured out how to pack it up and have it packed up and I have to start over and go back to a shop?  I consider the pre-service information absolutely terrible and they really to have zero insight into what makes good customer service.  I didn't unpack the computer and take it back to the shop.  I was just stunned that I already went through the hassle of taking it to a shop and told them I was doing that and they were to clueless to advise about the hard drive.  I think it is fair to suggest most of us are concerned about our warranty, so I genuinely thought that I would void the warranty by getting the guy in the shop to even look in my computer.  Certainly, that has been the case with other things I've purchased.

Then the actually serve for shipping was horrible.  They told me they would be sending me the instruction via email in a few minutes and failed to do that.  I was ready to take for shipping.  I checked email all afternoon, tried emailing again, tried calling again, and got utter no where over the fact that just didn't send me the shipping instructions and there was no way to intervene.  I get an apology on Friday, but it means instead of my computer travelling over the weekend all the way across the country, it sits to wait for processing processing until Monday.

I shipped my computer June 2nd and I didn't hear from them at all until June 23rd where they say I have a tracking number for it to come back to me, and again, another Friday and it is just sitting there waiting to start its journey for 4 days and arrives later in the day on June 30th, so a full month from when I shipped it.

The "repair" report simply isn't in any kind of user friendly language.

This was an over $3000 computer, the most I have ever spent on a computer and it is fair to say, buyer beware.  Without local service, they can never claim good service.

The other computer of theirs that I purchased was also expensive.  I can only conclude that they have really poor quality to have twice have had their expensive computers die in the first few months.  This one was about six months old and the other was only 2 or 3 months old, and both times the warranty repairs cost me about $150 because of access to the repairs and left me without the use of the computer for an inexcusable length of time.

I obviously strongly recommend against ASUS based on two out of two computers failing and the high cost of using the warranty and the extreme length of time without your property.

This is truly the worst birthday gift I ever got myself and a kick in the may have been more fun.

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